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Pra Cough 100ML

Highly effective, trusted and natural solution for all kind of cough 100% Organic Drink

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It is a special cervix of cough made from natural liquids. This vata cough sedative and phlegm khark gives strength to the lungs by purging and purifying the phlegm and does not allow mucus to be born again. It is beneficial in the first stage of cough, cold, flu and breathing. It is beneficial in whooping cough and cooker cough.

यह प्राकृतिक द्रव्यों से निर्मित खांसी का विशेष सर्वक है यह वात कफ शामक एवम कफ सारक होने से फुप्फस कोष्ठों को कफ रहित व शुद्ध करके बल प्रदान करता है तथा बलगम दुबारा पैदा नहीं होने देता। इसमें खांसी, जुकाम, फ्लू एंव श्वास की प्रथम अवस्था में लाभकारी है। यह काली खांसी व कुकर खांसी में लाभदायक है।

Net Volume: 100ml.
Shake Well Before use.
Dosage: 15ml to 20ml with water before meals 2 times daily or as directed by the Health Expert.
Store: Store in cool, dry & dark place Protected from direct sunlight Keep out of reach of children


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  • All types of cough
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This product is a food supplement not medicine. We do not make any claim regarding it's benefits.


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